Water build up in window wells is a common experience for many homeowners. Build up of branches, leaves or mulch can clog the drain it it has left unattended. If too much water collects inside the well, it can force its way though the windows and leak into your basement.

A window well drain is a simple water management technique, in that the installed drain is essentially the same as the drain in your kitchen sink. Both of these drains are used to drain water that has accumulated within a basin. Both drain applications involve a drain pipe to channel the accumulated basin water to a designated drainage point; in the case of window wells, the water is drained to the weeping tile system at the base of your foundation wall.

Crack Attack TeamOur Procedure

  • Excavate from the window well to the drain tile.
  • Perform a drain tile test to ensure that the drain tile is indeed draining.
  • Install a 4" rigid PVC drain pipe with drain grate below the level of the window sill, which extends from the top of the drain tile or gravel drainage layer.
  • Secure the window well to the wall using concrete screws.
  • Fill the excavation site with soil.
  • Place gravel into the window well to facilitate and filter drainage into the newly installed drain pipe.

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