Backup Systems

Zoeller Battery Back Up System

Protect Your Basement Or Crawl Space From Flooding
•Automatically starts when your existing sump pump fails 12-Volt, Highly Efficient Backup Sump Pump (6′ Leads)
• Non-corrosive thermoplastic construction
• Pumps 1380 gallons-per-hour @ 5’ lift (or 900 GPH @ 10’) All New 10-Amp Battery Charger & Automatic Controller
• Now with alarms, light indicators and warning systems LCD Screen & LED Light Indicator
• Displays battery voltage, charging status & other helpful info. Control Device
• Reliable low-voltage vertical float switch Battery Box
• Non-corrosive polyethylene design w/ lock strap
• Accommodates maximum battery size of 13” x 7 ½” x 9 ½”
• Fits all group size 27 marine batteries Furnished With All Required Fittings
• Internal check valve in the discharge
• Heavy duty check valve adaptable to 1 ¼”or 1 ½” pipe

Zoeller Battery Back Up